Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fixing the Google Redirect Virus Quickly and Easily

Does this happen to you? It's time for some Google redirect virus removal

You open your browser and type in a search.  You click on one of the results and you end up at another website.  This is characteristic of the Google redirect virus or what is otherwise known as the browser redirect virus.  The good news is that this problem can be solved in less than 5 minutes. If your computer is displaying annoying pop ups but they are not coming from clicking on search results, this is not actually a browser redirect virus. Your browser may be hijacked but any commercial antivirus program should fix it, which is not true of the Google redirect virus.

Remove the Google redirect virus from my system now!

It is important to note that there are other types of browser hijacks and other malicious types of Malware and Trojans.  While they can also be annoying, what separates the Google redirect virus is that it can avoid most types of antivirus software.  The reason is that it uses an exploit found within already present Windows files.  By comparison, most other viruses will add hidden files to your computer which will execute functions you did not intend for.  However, upon detection, those hidden files can be deleted and the threat can be properly removed.  Because this particular virus attaches itself to Windows files, your antivirus will likely not see it as a threat since it has a safe list of Windows files.  The end result is that it can be especially annoying and even advanced programmers have had difficulty removing this computer exploit.

So why do losers make things like a Google redirect virus anyways?

Most of these viruses are designed to steal banking information, steal credit cards, or increase affiliate commissions by some very sneaky tactics.  Often, they will program is virus to prevent you from opening sites designed to fix the problem.  In actuality, the issue has nothing to do with Google.  In fact, most of the variants of this virus will redirect you on other search engines including Yahoo, Bing, as well as AOL.  It is twofold to increase traffic to very shady affiliate sites which will give you more viruses and to prevent removal sites from properly be opened.  However, most antivirus solutions will not see this virus as a problem anyways.

I want to rid of the Google redirect virus from my browser.

Simple steps to prevent future infections
  1. Always keep up to date antivirus on your PC.  While these programs may not be able to heal a current infection, in most cases they will prevent you from contracting the virus in the first place.
  2. Avoid questionable sites.  The most common reason for a PC to get an infection is from browsing on untrusted websites.
  3. Only download EXE files from trusted sources like download.com or cnet.  The files hosted on the sites have already been thoroughly scanned for issues.
  4. Be careful of uncharacteristic emails from your friends.  Numerous email viruses steal your friends’ passwords and send an email pretending to be them.  In most cases, this is how these redirects are contracted.  Even if it’s from a friend, never download an EXE file or visit questionable sites.  It could actually be coming from a spammer using your friend's email address. 
  5. Download all the latest Windows updates.  Often the security fixes have already been released by Microsoft. 
  6. Keep your browser up to date by downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.  It will help with typical security issues.
For more information, visit the Google redirect virus fix.